Today's film making generates gigabytes upon gigabytes of data. Now that an IT-centric workflow is
the norm, it's quite easy to lose everything. Burning everything to DVD is inefficient, time consuming,
and risky. Copying to hardrives is also a bit risky since moving parts are involved and the probability
of failure is high. This method can also prove to be cost prohibitive. We have the capability of
archiving all types of data to LTO4A tapes, P2 data, RedCODE, DV captures, and entire project
assets and directories. LTO tape has a shelf life of 30 years and more insurance companies are
requiring this backup when shooting digital video.

You should be able to rebuild an entire project without re-capturing or re-ingesting. We'd essentially
be taking a snapshot of your directory structure, including the source material and any other material
generated in post such as sound, artwork, composites, etc.

Due to the fact that many people are not in a position to reimage their data from tape after a loss, we
include one free restoration with the service. Just send a set of archived tapes to us along with blank
external drives and we will rebuild the project and send it all back.