The Coloring Room can do real time full debayers of your R3D files. We can also do one lights of your files based on the RSX files
you provide for us. Answers to common questions about dailies are listed below.

What types of external drives do you accept?
Any USB , FireWire or eSATA external drive will work. If your drive needs to be plugged in, please send the
power supply along with your drive. We would prefer your drive to have an eSATA port on it

How should I ship my data?
Please package your drives in a secure manner. That means the box should be strong, and provide plenty of padding.
The drives should not have any chance to be able to move when the box is moved. When your drive arrives at our facility, it is
inspected for damage and then mounted to a computer. We will then begin to process your R3D file.

Do you accept both Windows formatted and Mac formatted disks?
Yes, we can read Windows NTFS and MS-DOS (FAT32), and Mac OS formatted drives.

I need my drive back ASAP, what can you do to help me?
If you need a rapid turnaround, this service can be provided. If your drive arrives in the AM at our office it will most likely be put back in
the mail the same day . If there is more than 6 hours of red files please call Jason at 414 333 8310.

What type of payment is accepted?
Before you send in your drive you will be sent an invoice along with a terms of use sheet. Please sign the terms of use sheet
and include a check for the amount of the invoice.