What type of backup software do you use?
We use a Cache-A Archive Appliance. After backing up your data, we keep a copy of the catalog file and send that to you.
We keep a copy in our archives so, along with your tape (that you keep), we can restore your data to a new drive.
We do not keep or store any of the data, only the catalog file.

What types of external drives do you accept?
Any USB , FireWire or eSATA external drive will work. If your drive needs to be plugged in, please send the
power supply along with your drive.

How should I ship my data?
Please package your drive in a secure manner. That means the box should be strong, and provide plenty of padding.
The drive should not have any chance to be able to move when the box is moved. When your drive arrives at our facility, it is
inspected for damage and then mounted to a computer. We will then begin the backup procedure.

Do you accept both Windows formatted and Mac formatted disks?
Yes, we can read Windows NTFS and MS-DOS (FAT32), and Mac OS formatted drives.

I need my drive back ASAP, what can you do to help me?
If you need a rapid turnaround, this service is provided in our Gold Package.

When I need my backup restored, how does that process work?
You send us one of the LTO tape backups and a hard drive. We will take the entire contents of the tape and restore it to your
external hard disk drive . We return your tape and hard drive with the restored data. When you receive the drive, copy the data
to your system. If you prefer, we can copy it to one of our hard drives but we request that you return it within one week.

What type of payment is accepted?
Before you send in your drive you will be sent an invoice along with a terms of use sheet. Please sign the terms of use sheet
and include a check for the amount of the invoice.