You have a hard disk drive with data stored on it; R3D files, P2, After Effects, FCP project files etc.

You create your standard hard drive master, plus the usual backup. (You keep a copy and then send us a copy)

You ship your backup hard drive to us - overnight is preferred

We backup all the data on your hard drive to two LTO tapes (an alternative is one tape, but that has some risks).
These tapes have a lifetime rating of 30 years.
Depending on the size of the drive we will use either LTO-3 or LTO-4 tapes.

We send everything back to you; your hard drive, your two new LTO backup copies, and the catalog file.

In the future, when the hard drive with your data fails, you send one copy of the LTO tapes and a Hard Drive
and we will restore the data to a hard drive and return it to you.
(You can also keep the drive we send you for a fee.) Please specify Windows or Mac formatting.